Sabine Fischer
Junior Frontend Developer

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In Brief

Student @Epicode School

8 Year SEO Expertise

IT Background


Short Presentation

Hello, I'm Sabine, 38 years old, originary from Germany, living in Italy for 10 years now.

For 8 years I've been a SEO passionate and have been working in this role as specialist.

However, it's some time now that my interest is changing more and more to returning to programming.

I'll be able to cover the role of a junior frontend developer, and even more:

Web projects need a bridge between SEOs/other web marketing roles and developers, figure that is very often missing and that can help avoiding web marketing critical failures from the beginning on.

You can easily imagine how much time and money could be saved this way.

Programming languages are not the only languages of my interest. That's why during the last years I have been working also on multilingual projects, in Italian, English, German or Spanish.



Year Institution Title
2021 Epicode School Frontend Developer
2007 - 2010 Justus-Liebig University Giessen (GER) BA Modern Languages & Didactics for Adults
2005 - 2007 University of Applied Sciences Giessen-Friedberg (GER) Computer Science (B.Sc., not completed)

Recent Courses/Certifications

  • C++ Programming for Blockchain Developers @Ivan on Tech Academy
  • Java Script Programming for Blockchain Developers @Ivan on Tech Academy
  • GDPR Basic Course Legal Suite
  • Bitcoin Programming 101 @Ivan on Tech Academy
  • Google Analytics Certification Advanced (until 12/2023) @Google Digital Academy


Year Institution Title
10/2020 - 09/2021 Sabine Fischer (IT) Freelance SEO Specialist
06/2019 - 10/2020 Pro Web Consulting, today Cerved (CH) SEO Specialist
04/2018 - 06/2019 Ad Maiora (IT) SEO Specialist
06/2012 - 04/2018 BizUp Srl, today Alkemy (IT) SEO Specialist
12/2011 - 05/2012 3D2B Srl (IT) Business Development Specialist
08/2002 - 07/2005 Deutsche Post IT Solutions GmbH (GER) Apprenticeship Computer Science Expert in System Integration